Recently I have reevaluating my life. I think it is important for all of us to sometimes take a step back and truly look at our lives and world. Our friendships, our family relationships, who we are as people. What makes me tick? What is it that I love to do more than anything else?

Looking back at my four years of high school I realized the true meaning of love, anger, sadness, and pain. I have gained amazing friends, and I have lost many too. I have become a stronger person, and have had many more of my weaknesses pointed out. I have discovered my passions and loves, and realized what I really don’t enjoy doing. 

I wanted to take a step back and reflect on a few lessons that I have learned through my time in high school, and my time alive, but one blog post on all of that would be way too long, so here is the first of a few posts about my advice.


  • Remember that a friendship is a relationship and should be treated like one. Say I’m sorry and I love you often. But also realize that, like in relationships, sometimes people can be toxic. Now that doesn’t mean you have to break off your friendship write away (haha write, get it? cause I am writing this… nevermind). It just means that you should know when someone is hurting you and create distance. 
  • Boundaries are healthy, and it is important to know when to draw new ones (or break old ones). 
  • Some of the people you are in high school with, no, most of them, you may never see again in your lifetime. Others you may talk to every once in awhile. Yet others may stick with you for the rest of your life. All three of these types of people can teach you very important things in life, do not take anyone for granted.
  • Even the people who hate you or don’t consider you their friends can be important people in your life, teaching you lessons about yourself and others that you wouldn’t learn without them, so don’t say or do anything that you, or your parents, will regret. 

Recently I have met a few absolutely incredible people who I am hoping will turn out to be my best friends through college and beyond. They are loving, caring, and inspiring. They want to learn about me, to get to know me, to support me. They are people who I know I can trust and love just as much as they love me. They are teaching me what good, healthy friendships are like, and I cannot wait for my future with them. 


Much love, 

Conquering My Fears- Live your life your way

I am going to be completely open and honest with you all.

I am scared of a lot of things.

Not making my parents proud. My blog being an utter disaster. Not getting into college. Not getting the aid I need from colleges. Just college over all. Judgement over this blog, over my life choices, over my religion, over me. 

The more I think about it and let it scare me, the more I convince myself to just give up. But that’s the thing: I love doing this too much. I love writing blog posts and sharing a part of me with you. I love looking at colleges, thinking about my future, planning for it. I love my crazy life- interning at a web designs company (though I know nothing about web design), senior year in the IB program, writing a blog, guest blogging for another site, sewing, singing, and just being a teenager.

So I have to conquer my fears 

If I were to let all of my fears run my life, I would have to give up all of that. I would have to quit my blog that I have put so much work into and that I am growing and learning so much from. I would have to stop singing, stop sewing, stop loving my life. I would have to cut out all fun in my life, and I am not willing to do that. I used to let fear run, and ruin, my life.

But now I choose not to. 

I am making the conscious decision to put myself on the line. To put 1000% of my efforts into my blog, my college applications, my choir, my relationships and friendships. I choose to let myself. Because I wouldn’t be me without these things. I may get hurt along the way, I will fail. And I will get back up again. I will not let myself sit around and do nothing with my life. I will learn from my life and my decisions. And I will love what I do. What is life if we do not live it? 

I will not let fear control my life

I am the happiest I have ever been, my life is amazing, and it is the way I want to live it. The people I have met and connected with because of my blog are incredible and inspiring and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. My friends at school are supportive and loving, my family is as amazing as ever, and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

So go ahead and judge me. Go ahead and laugh, or don’t, maybe you will be inspired by this. Don’t let fear control your life. Live it to the fullest. You can react in whatever way you want to my life decisions and my life. I will let you. I will accept your opinion. I will love you for it, but I will keep living my life as I want to, and as God wants me to. 

much love, 

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Organizing Addict: Living with a disorganized person

I am an organizing addict-and I cannot stand disorganized people. I proudly will proclaim that for everyone to hear (Maybe not the not standing disorganized people) but I love it. The stress of seeing something so disorganized, and the feeling of conquest once you have tamed it and made it perfect. To me, organizing is a way of life. 

Then take my little sister: with a constantly messy room, no planner, (until I gave her one for her birthday) and no system of organization, it is no wonder that she runs late and forgets things. Living with her, as much as I love her, is vexing… to say the least. But these are some of the little pieces of advice I have acquired over the years (almost 15 of them)– how to live with them, not go insane, and help them become a little more organized. 

  • First off: it is important to UNDERSTAND unorganized people. They don’t see themselves as unorganized, or maybe they do but they can’t help it. This is because of a fundamental difference in the way their brain works compared to the way our brain works. To them, things do not necessarily fall into place, they do not just make sense, they have to work every day to remember to put something back where it came from– because to them, it doesn’t “belong there”  IN NO WAY AM I SAYING THIS IS A CHARACTER FLAW: it is just the way they think- and that is OK. 
  • Remember that this is their life, and as much as you want to organize it and make it right, you can’t. Just because it is organized to your standards and levels, doesn’t mean your system makes any sense to them. They might be perfectly happy with the way their lives function. 
  • Come to agreements and compromise. This is a huge one. Nothing is going to be perfect- not even you organizing their lives. It won’t work (I have tried). Maybe you can’t stand the mess in the main part of the house, but you can live with it in their room. Maybe you can’t stand them complaining about being late when it was their fault to begin with. Maybe they can’t help but hate the way you try to put every cup into the perfect place in the cupboard. Living and loving is about compromise: so that’s what you have to do. 
  • Find out what works for them. Help them to become more organized… but NOT in the way you are. Again- the way one person organizes is not going to work for everyone. Help them to find a way that THEY like and appreciate, and then help them stick with it. Reminding them to do laundry or to check their schedule for the week every once in a while is not the end of the world, but forcing them to be perfect is. 
  • Remember: NO ONE… NOT EVEN YOU… IS PERFECT. I mean this one. We all make mistakes. We all need to forgive each other. We are all human.
  • Not all progress will happen overnight, they may be putting in their best effort to get more organized, but they can’t wake up one morning and just flip a switch and be better about putting everything away or doing everything on time- so patience, and compromise, and love.

Here are 5 Tips to Becoming a more Organized Person, to help you or someone you love and care about get a little more organized, just so that you are on time and put together.

Lastly (well this goes back to a few other points I’ve made): You don’t have to be as organized as me, or anyone you know, to be able to be an organized person. In my opinion- just make sure you are on time and have everything you are supposed to have… you don’t need to be an organizing addict for that!

much love,

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My Life Transformation- from ice cream to sneakers

This blog post is about something that i am REALLY proud of: my life transformation!

Up until the spring of my Junior year, or this spring 2016, I was unhealthy, lazy, and unproductive. Yes, my life was organized, but beyond that? basically nothing. 

To give you an idea of how lazy and unhealthy I was: I ate at least one bowl of ice cream A NIGHT. I didn’t exercise, and during Lacrosse season I did the minimum amount of work to play, but not anymore to be good. I think my diet was only Ice Cream, Pasta, Candy, and I could probably count the number of veggies I ate in a week on one hand. I hated running (and for some reason thought that was the only was of working out), so I just didn’t. 

We have to backtrack a little more to get the full story- I have always had problems with my blood sugar level (which was NOT helped by my diet), I need a lot of protein and can’t eat too much sugar without getting a migraine and basically shutting down. 

So here I was in my Junior year of high school, living life, just chilling, and feeling like CRAP. 

I decided it was time to make a change. I was tired of feeling this way! (TBH- it started when my Biology teacher showed us a video of what a Doughnut does to your blood sugar levels and to your productivity).


I cut out all sugar, and it sucked. For about 2 months I had 0 dessert. I didn’t let myself even look at anything sweet. I ate salads and found healthy meals for me to eat as well. I started pilates, and fell in love.

Now my life change wasn’t immediate. I had weak days, and if I cheated myself I would start the counter over. I did the Blogilates Beginner Workout (WHICH I LOVE AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND) month, and I would start the month over if I missed a day. 

Over 2 months, I began to realize I didn’t crave the sugar anymore, and the workouts had become a nightly routine, I couldn’t sleep if I hadn’t worked out. I felt so much better, and happier. I began to ENJOY life, not just live it. I felt strong, and still do, I am in the best shape of my life, and I am the happiest I have ever been. 


Fast Forward to Today- I workout for at least an hour a day: Pilates is a staple, but I mix it up- playing Ultimate Frisbee three times a week, and some nights I just freestyle.

Throughout it all, and even today, I stay motivated through one thing. My body is where I live, it is who I am, and I need to treat it the best that I can, fuel it with things that provide energy and life. This motivation may not work for everyone, but it did for me. I am committed to myself and I refuse to let me treat myself poorly anymore.


I eat sugar (mainly Dark Chocolate aka my true love), I have lazy days, I indulge. I had my first ice cream in 3 months the other day on Vacation. And it is OK. I worked out harder that night, because I wanted to. I have weak moments! and that too is okay! 

During this time, I experienced a shift in my social life as well. I went through a few very painful losses in friendships, but I also gained some of the best friends I have ever had, they are so supportive and love me no matter what. I also started dating an incredible guy. These losses and gains helped me realize I deserved more- from me to me. 

I just wanted to tell my story, show that it can be done. No, I didn’t do it for weight loss (I have lost fat but gained muscle, not that I was at an unhealthy weight to begin with), I did it FOR ME, because I deserve better, and so do you!

much love, 

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Quote of The Week+ A Heads Up

Good Morning Everyone! I hope that you all are having an incredible day, and that you will have an amazing week. 

Here is my quote for you all! I hope you all remember this and have as much fun as possible, no matter what!! 

Quote of the Week

A Head’s Up: 

My life is about to get SO much busier, I start a fall internship tomorrow and school next Monday, I have a walk to plan, IB to do, a blog to run, and colleges to apply to. SO! I am letting you all know that I think I am only going to be able to post a few times a week: we shall see!! I am hoping that I can post as often as possible, but I am not sure how often that will be! Hopefully My schedule will look like this:

Sunday- QOTW + updates etc! 

Tuesday- Post of some sort! (Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests!

Thursday-  #Beautiesonfirecollab 

Friday/ Saturday- Week overview, outfits of the week, inspiration etc! (Still not sure about posting on one of these days, we will see how much time I have!) 

much love from me! 


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